Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dark and spooky

There is a rock footpath. When you stand on it, it feels  hard like a strong tree. The green grass is spiky grass it feels like soft green grass or it feels cold grass. There's a roof it's made out of tree twigs from big trees or small trees. It feels like the trees a rough and wiggly. When I was walking along the bridge I looked in the water and suddenly ... I fell! in the water and I got wet so I got up on the bridge and went through the forest and I went back home to dry myself off. Then tomorrow I go to the forest and go back to the tree house. When I woke up I walked through the forest then I was at the tree house. I walked inside and the door was squeaky. When I got inside it was hot then I saw someone did something I did not know what it was so I checked it out and it was ... fire fire someone set  the house on fire . Fire is so bad to touch you get burnt. I went outside and look at the darkness.
It was spooky outside. It was spooky outside because there was no one around me. I was scared there was no one around me and I thought there was a fish monster all! around me. And I thought there was a giant going to stand on me and scwish me but... It! is morning time because I sleped in the tree house. I left the fire on so I get warm. The fire is good to wom you and I brought a Blanket with me. And I dreamed about those things. So I went through the forest and went home and find my togs and have a swim in the river only it has nothing in the river. And the river was clear. I went to go and have a swim because it was a nice day.

This is my draft piece of writing. Please leave a comment about what I did well and what I need to work on.

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