Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sam and the floaty alien on the moon

Sam fell asleep and he had a dream.Sam 's dream was about himself and his friend the floaty alien.
Sam went in his rocket to go to the spotty moon and he saw his friend the floaty alien.When Sam got out of his rocket but before Sam got out of the rocket Sam needed to go his lunch so didn't starve and also the alien. When Sam got out Sam did not see the alien and when Sam jumped Sam was floating in the air. The alien popped his head out because he smelt sandwiches. Sam and the alien felt happy.They had lunch together on the moon. When Sam got in his rocket he went home. When Sam woke up he was back home with his family and he was excited.


  1. To Adlei
    I really like your beautiful writing.
    That was a great story Adelei.
    I really love your title called Sam and the floaty alien on the moon.

    From Zoe

  2. Thank you Zoe for the comment.
    I really love my title to.
    Sam is a boy on the moon with the floaty alien.
    From Adelei

  3. Hi Adelei,
    That's a nice story about Sam having sandwiches on the moon with his floaty alien friend. You've used the prompt well and told an interesting story - I would wake up excited too if I had that dream! For next time, think about when you could use 'he' instead of 'Sam' in some of your sentences. Keep writing!

  4. To Adelei your story was awesome. From Makayla.

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