Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cross Country

On Tuesday 30th of August the School did cross country! Unfortunately the senior syndicate couldn't go to minouge park cause we didn't have enough parents to go with us.
For my race I had to run with the 11 yr old boys and girls because we didn't want to take too long. I felt really proud of myself that I got a placing and came 4th place! I did 6 LAPS AND IT WAS REALLY REALLY TIRING! When I found out that we couldn't got to minouge park I was really sad cause it is more fun running on hills and bigger, but I was really happy that I came 4th place!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Clay Sculpture Reflection

In Room 14 we have been focusing on creative explores. So we got a ice-cream container filled up with clay. For my clay work I have created a heart with a koru inside,wavy pattens on the outside and some tiny holes so it looks like stone.
The title of my sculpture is Te Aroha, I chose this name because it is to represent my Maori culture and is about friendship so we can all get along with each other.
So far I have enjoyed playing with the clay and also doing all the patterns and creating something that is about my culture.
The trickiest part for my clay was to stop it from cracking and try not to put to much moist in the clay.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Flox Artwork Reflection

1. We made a piece of artwork about flox,first we cut out our stencils then laid it on our piece of paper and then took the sponge dipped it in paint and then dabbed the sponge on our painted pieces of paper.

2. The easiest part about this artwork was probably when we painted the background.

3. The most difficult thing that happened was trying to stop the paint from spreading out on the stencil and the piece of artwork.

4. What I liked about my finished masterpiece was how I put it together and the background colour and all the blending.

5. If I could change this artwork, if I could do it again I would move the paper so I could see the light blue colour on the bottom.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Our big idea for this term is..... COLLABORATION. There were 3 different collaboration tasks,there were.

  • Straws and sticky tape.
  • Marshmallow sculpture
  • Paper shape try and make the tallest tower.
My favourite task was the marshmallow sculpture. I enjoyed this task the most because it was fun making a sculpture out of marshmallows and dry spaghetti. Room 14 has animal groups and also group roles. The group role that I think I did the best was the police officer because you get everything from the teacher and get to boss everyone around..... Just kidding.
The role that is difficult for me was CIA agent because I hardly get ideas from other groups and I don't have questions to ask all I do is look and take ideas from other groups but do something a little different.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Dream Job

Some Room 14 students went into a drawing competition about our dream job. We had to draw the things we wanted. We were aloud to use as many words and draw as many pictures as we wanted. My dream job is being a robot, mad man scientist like no other scientist and I can teach people all about science and do fun experiments with other. I am excited to be a scientist I wish I was a scientist already.
This is my dream job!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


In the past four weeks the Senior syndicate and the middles are practising athletics for athletics day. My favourite sport for athletics is throwing because it is easy and it is fun to throw balls and long jump is also my favourite because I can learn how to get further than the last jump I did. My goal for athletics day is to throw a little higher in throwing and jump higher so I won't knock the pole off and to land on 2 feet on my side.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fruit Kebabs

On Friday before the holidays,
room 14 made fruit kebabs. We had to bring some fruit to make the kebabs,I brought in peaches. We made the kebabs outside so we didn't make a mess inside. What i enjoyed was doing the quiz and getting extra marshmallows. Yummy!!! My two favourite thing about the fruit kebabs was getting the Hershey's chocolate syrup but in the end my stomach got soar in the end and I won't be eating that stuff anymore. But it was Yummy at least.