Wednesday, March 20, 2013

100 WC

    If we share
If we share the food people would have food that is caring and you share food so  Would you don’t starve. If we share the   world  have a place . If we had money we could share to other people.
If we share smiles people can be happy and play together. If you are helping other people you fell excited. If we get better at things you get better at other things.
If we share toys for kids the kids would be happy. If we be good you get special things for yourself. If you share the play ground you feel good about yourself.
If we share cars people get lots of time to go somewhere. If we  a saving the world people won’t die. By Adelei


  1. I like your 1000 wc about if we share it is good to share because if we don t more people will get poor
    and wont get a job and it is important to SHARE.
    From Manaia

    1. Thank you for the comment Manaia on my 1000 wc.
      Read my comment and you will see I replyed to your comment,and I am happy to be back to school with you.

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  2. To Adelei
    I love your long writing about if we share. It takes a lot of space on your blog. I love your voki.

    From Zoe

    1. Thank you for commenting on my blog Zoe.
      You would see a comment on the bottom.I replyed back to you, finally I am back at school with my class room.

  3. I really like your story Adelei. It was very informative. Can't wait to read more...
    Love Mum

  4. Hi Adelei
    You are super STAR for replying to all your comments.
    We really missed you when you were at home sick and LOVE having you back at school!
    Mrs Natusch