Monday, September 7, 2015

Our School Production

For the production i am in the Maori group.I am performing in a Maori song called Nga iwi e and he aha Ra and i am standing at the back of the year 6 girls. We start of doing Nga iwi e and working our way to the next song and when the middles come up on stage for their performance the Senior group walks down in lines and sing Hotumauea,we sing this song because it's appropriate for our school and we sing it in the Assembly every Monday.I am looking forward to performing in front of the audience and doing my thing on stage with all of my friends and the teacher teaching us on the actions for the waiata [songs] I am nervous about when i sing a song on the way of the hall because it is kind of a song that you sing at a funeral and i am really nervous about that.

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