Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Treasure Hunt With my Best Friends

Today Tegan,Manaia, Tegan's sister Mila and I went to the Hamilton gardens for an treasure hunt.
Before we did the treasure hunt we all had biscuits in the car and then we jumped out of the car got our treasure hunt paper and ready to go. We started off at the Japanese garden and then we went on and on and on. Then we went to the fish 'n' chip shop and then we went to another shop we saw Mrs Natusch and Mr Natusch. Then we went to tegan's and we had hot chips.
Here are some questions for you.

Q.1 The maple tree leaf changes with each season. What colours can you think of today.
Q.2 Where does the doves live, it is called dovecot.
Q.2 What types of vegetables can you think of.

We all had fun:)

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  1. Hi Adelei
    The treasure hunt at the Hamilton Gardens sounded like fun! It was cool that you all got a prize! What did you enjoy the most?
    I enjoyed seeing you, Manaia and Tegan at the coffee shop :)
    The answers to your questions...
    1. gold, brown, red
    2. I think you gave the answer in your question!
    3. vegetables: carrots, pumpkin, silverbeet, kumera
    Am I correct?
    From Mrs Natusch

    1. To Mrs Natusch
      Thank you for your comment!
      The first question was shades of green
      I liked the Treasure hunt part when we got to find the statue's.
      From Adelei