Thursday, October 30, 2014

100 WC

It was a dark, gloomy afternoon in the depths of the woods.  I was in my spooky house that night and a stone had broken my window. Then a cat walked up to me and meowed. When I was walking home my house was lifted by an invisible man. He is strong, he is bad and he is glad that he is lifting my house. He thinks that it is funny. It was dawn and I went into my pool. I was training for swimmingInvisible man would think that I am the strongest. My eyes turned green with anger. To Be Continued.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Adelei
    Wonderful story! I love how you began by describing the dark, gloomy afternoon! Well done for using the 5 words in the 100WC prompt. They fit nicely into your story. Why did your eyes turn green with anger?
    From Mrs Natusch

    PS - I hope you enjoying having Mrs H in room 7!