Thursday, March 27, 2014

Waitomo Caves

Fun trip to waitomo caves

Yesterday the middle team went to waitomo caves to learn and we went on a bus.
First we went in then bus and the driver was driving and I got to tired.
Next we arrived to waitomo caves and we lined up then we had a photo.
Then we were walking and I was walking with Hannah and my mum.
Then we were walking into the cave and we had a guide
with us and teaching us about stalactites and stalagmites.
Next we sang a song.
Then we went in a boat and look at the glow worms.
After that we had morning tea.
After morning tea we went to the museum and have a look around and it had a tunnel.
Next we went to have a lesson next to the museum.
This man called rich thought us about caves, glow worms and lime stone.
We also watched some video.
Then we went back on the bus and went to the bush walk.
Then we had lunch.
After lunch we lined up and we were walking in the bush.
Then my mum got lost.
Then I picked up a lime stone.
Then we went thought the cave and go back to the bus and I saw my mum and she told me that she got lost.


  1. To Adelei
    Wow I like your photo and did you have fun?
    From Kasiti