Saturday, March 22, 2014


One day there was a box. It was durty colouled brown with yuky dust that can make you sneeze ACHOO! In the box there was a magical crystal. There was a boy who was called paul. He was walking to the yuky box.Then he took the lid of and he saw a...MAGICAL CRYSTAL! He got shoked when he saw that crystal.Then he did not tell any one that he had a magical crystal but he did tell his family. He felt that he was rich but he dosen't want to give it away. He dosen't want to show his friends because he will think they will get jelus of him that he has a crystal but his friends dosen't.So he leaved it in a that yuky colouled brown dusty box.Then he put the box under his bed so when his friends come to his place he wont see it.In the morning paul thought he lost his box. He cheacked every where but not under his bed. So he told his mum that he lost his box.Then his mum "said did you cheack under your bed".Then he went in his room and he cheacked under his bed and he found it. He said to himself I think that I forgot that I leaft my box under my bed.Then paul put back the box where it belongs then he went home.

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