Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Aunty's Tangi

Last term my aunty past away on the first of July.
My Aunty's funeral was on Thursday and her tangi was on Friday.
I took the day off on Friday because it was my aunty's tangi.
That was the day we took her to the cemetery.
On Friday morning we went to my nana maria's house for breakfast.
My aunty that past away was my nana maria's daughter.
So for breakfast I had spaghetti on toast. It was yum!
Then we had a little play.
For lunch we had the biggest hangi I ever had.
And for dessert we had trifle and steam pudding and for the top of the steam pudding we had custard and cream.
Then we took my aunty to the cemetery and berried her where all of my whanau are.
Then for dinner we had left over lunch.
And we stayed the night,I was sleeping in my dads car because we stayed for my aunty who past away.
My Aunty is in a better place now she will live rest in peace.


  1. Hi Adelei
    It must be very sad that your Aunty died.
    p.s. what does tangi mean?
    from Lucy

  2. Hi Adelei
    It looks like you had a good time eating the hangi and desserts.
    What other stuff did you do there?
    Did you like it there?
    What did you in joy most?.
    From Manaia