Friday, April 18, 2014

The Giant Easter Egg

One cloudy afternoon I was steering out my window. Once I heard a knock. I creped down the stairs and slightly opened my door. At the door was some small Easter eggs that were for me and my friends. When I called my friends I asked there mums if that they can have a sleepover. They said yes. There names were Tegan,Chloe,Tyra-Leigh and last but not least Manaia. When they came over we heard a louder knock. We tip toed to the door and opened it. Once there was a... Giant Easter egg. It had a black wrapper around it, sharp teeth like sharks, red evil eyes like witches and a really ugly head. We shut the door and ran up the stairs and into my bedroom and shut the door. We went in my huge bed. I pulled my knees up to my chin and pulled the blanket over us. When my mum got home from work she got a shock. She went back in her car and she was driving away. Once when the giant egg got tired he went walking away and we went in our beds and fell asleep.


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  1. Hi Adelei

    Cool story! I like your beginning. It sets the scene and I can visualize the cloudy afternoon and you creeping down the stairs when you heard the knock on the door. To open the door and find a giant evil Easter egg... how scary!
    I am glad you ran away from it and hid!
    Keep up the great writing!
    I hope you are having a great holiday!

    From Mrs Natusch

    1. Thank you for the comment
      I am having a great holiday so far.
      I went to the movies with my aunty and cousin.
      What did you do in the holiday?
      From Adelei

    2. Hi Adelei
      I have also been to the movies in the holidays. One of my dogs had an operation so I have been looking after him and trying to keep him still (which is very hard because he is so energetic!)
      Enjoy your second week of holidays! :)
      Mrs Natusch

    3. Thank you for the comment
      when we were going up the stairs my cousin was trying to walk back to her mum and she slipped down the stairs.
      From Adelei

    4. Oh no! I hope your cousin is o.k! It must of hurt falling down the stairs!
      Mrs N

  2. Hi Mrs N
    Thank you for the comment
    She is fine
    I am excited for going back to school.