Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Holiday

In the holidays I went down to Glenview to see my nana's, who came up from Palmerton north. On Tuesday before the leave I went down to say goodbye and I my nana said if I want to go down and I said yes. Then we went back home and get some clothes. Then we went back to Glenview. My nana who lives in Glenview came to palmerston north with her dog, Chloe. then we were leaving and I said goodbye to my dad, mum and also brother. For lunch we had fish 'n' chips and we went past, this mountain. It took a day to get to palmerston north. When we got to our nana's house we were ripping bread because she feeds the birds every morning. We fed the birds with bread and bird seeds. Then we went back to bed because it was to early and old. In the morning I had toast for breakfast. There is this holiday park and it is called the esplanade. It has got two trampling's a train, little kids playground, jungle house, flying fox, bird cages and last is the small pool. In the cages are kea, kaka, peacock, different ducks, chicks a rooster and plenty more. The next day we went to this park and it is called the memorial park where the free swimming pools are. I made two friends in palmerston north. The esplanade closes on school days and winter. I had the best time in palmerston north.

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  1. Hi Adelei
    It sounds like you had a lot of fun visiting Palmerston North with your nana. Did you know that I used to live in Palmy?
    What did you enjoy the most about staying with your nana?
    Mrs Natusch